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R Capital Real Estate is a leading real estate and asset management company From all Real Estate Companies in Dubai that provides professional services to various residential, commercial, retail, and industrial sectors throughout the United Arab Emirates.

R Capital Real Estate was established in 2004 as a subsidiary of R Capital Investments, its main role is an asset and real estate management for all owners, companies, investors, and individuals.

R Capital Real Estate has great experience that enabled it to obtain several awards in various fields of asset management, real estate, and facilities, which made it one of the trusted companies in its strategy and management at the local and international levels.

Our Mission

Providing full support, improving the quality of the real estate, and raising its market values.

Our Vision

Providing distinguished performance at a high and global level efficient services to ensure the customer satisfaction and increase production capacity in various fields of asset and real estate management

Our Goals

  • Work on an integrated system to ensure coverage of the needs of all customers, raise the occupancy rate for all assets, and raise the value of the total income of the real estate portfolio.
  • Develop a robust and targeted database for the field of assets and real estate.
  • Developing continuous real estate services based on transparency and trust with existing clients and tenants.
  • Develop a plan to develop asset and real estate returns by maximizing Real estate occupancy rate development and ratio.
  • Providing high-quality services based on periodic studies, analyses, and strategies, to ensure that the various needs of asset management, real estate, and facilities are covered with the highest efficiency and highest standards to professionally represent our brand and your interests.
  • Develop a new content marketing platform, social media coverage, and branding, digitization.
  • Put together professional brain trust.
  • Commit to professional developments with customers and landlords.

True Value Is
Always Choose

Our ground-breaking projects continue to deliver high-quality residential, commercial, and retail space at a low cost, making it accessible to a wide spectrum of customers.


Legal-Advisory-Real Estate Dubai

Legal Advisory

A team of professional legal professionals who are fully versed in local and international laws.

Real Estate and Asset Management

A highly qualified team of consultants and experts whose mission is to avoid all risks and changes in the real estate market and aims to strengthen wills.

Real-Estate-Rental-Advisory-Real Estate Dubai

Real Estate Rental Advisory Services

A team of experts from all over the United Arab Emirates with high experience in the real estate market and the valuation of real estate assets.

Relationship-with-Real-Estate-Own-Real Estate Dubai

Relationship with Real Estate Owners & Investors

A team of experts to deal with real estate owners to meet all their needs.

Customer-Service-Real Estate Dubai

Customer Service


Building-Inspections-Real Estate Dubai

Building Inspections

Toll-free number 04 8808000 | 050 4599090

Follow-up-and-Evaluation-Real Estate Dubai

Follow-up and Evaluation of Real Estate & Assets

A specialized team of engineers and professionals carries out the follow-up, inspection, and evaluation operations every month.

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