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Property Management and Landlord Portal

R Capital Real Estate constantly strives to improve its services to its clients by investing in the latest smart technologies to provide the best services to our clients. The system that R Capital Real Estate uses is easy to use and enables owners of real estate and assets to monitor their properties and investments and access all information and data related to their property easily. R Capital Real Estate is always happy to provide the best-integrated solutions to its clients.

Legal Services

R Capital Real Estate has a legal team with great experience in the field of real estate and the laws in force at the local and international levels to ensure that all legal services for our clients and their property are of the highest possible quality such as follows.

  • Preparing Tenancy Agreements.
  • Initiating Legal Eviction Notices.
  • Initiating Rental Cases through RDC.
  • Liaising with Local Police Department.
  • Follow-up of Rental Case and Settlements.
  • Ensure that the directives of the state courts, the Dispute Resolution.
  • Committee, and the Department of Lands and Properties are followed.

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